My Current Crushes

2021 has started out with a Bang for me.
You can say, that I am really feeling myself.
Take a look at these three stylish items that I am frankly, addicted to.
Find your Crush items and enjoy them to the fullest.
Go get it girl❣️



Welcome cool climate with comfortable sweaters and scarves, stylish raincoats, and chill-pursuing coats. What's more, in case you're sufficiently fortunate to live where it's warm, we likewise have basic pieces to get you in a bright perspective.

Stylish while Active




"Start the new year with a wardrobe that's allabout the balance of comfort and style."

Chico's "Zenergy collection of athleisure casual, comfortable and chic clothing will have you relaxing in style no matter what you're doing. Shop Chico's Zenergy Collection for women's casual clothing, athleisure, loungewear & activewear perfect for on-the-move."


Wardrobe necessities I'm Loving on Now

Fall & Winter Wardrobe necessities 

Gloves, Scarves, Beanies, Quilted Coats & Fur Vests 
Oh My!



This soft and warm polar fleece scarf, gloves, and hat set features a solid color design. This set includes a long scarf, matching hat and gloves. Gloves have a stylish folded cuff at the wrist.
Luxuriously soft and warm, this set is made out of 100% polyester.

This matching hat scarf and gloves set makes a wonderful gift set.

Beautifully finished off with the classic LD logo on bottom corner of scarf. The matching set is made with the fine quality you can expect from the Luxury Divas brand.

This fleece 3 piece matching set is exclusively made and sold by Luxury Divas. Product details and images for this three piece set are accurate only when purchased through Luxury Divas.




        This black quilted jacket will be your go-to for great-looking warmth. The quilted pattern and unique printed lining add detail to the design, which also features faux-horn buttons on the front and cuffs.

Here's a statement piece you don't want to miss - this shaggy, faux fur vest features a draped front and solid black hue.  When you're looking to elevate your everyday, this piece is a perfect pick for that eye-catching finish.


5 different ways to wear this versatile summer essential... the Sarong

 5 different ways to wear a Sarong


Hold the fabric horizontally, then wrap it around your back, like a towel. Bring the top corners together in front of your body. Twist the two corners around each other twice. Then knot them behind your head to form a halter.


Hold the fabric horizontally, and wrap the pareo around your waist. (If the material is too long, fold it in half once more.) Gather the material in front, and make a simple knot. Knot a second time to secure. Twist the material to the side of your hip. Fluff out the corners of the knot, so that the patterned side faces outward.


Fold the material in half diagonally to form a triangular shape. Wrap the pareo around your waist. Place the two ends of the pareo together, and tie a knot on one side of your hips. Tie a second knot to secure it in place.


Drape the material around your shoulders. For a more secure fit, fold the fabric in two horizontally, wrap it around your shoulders, and tie the ends securely behind your back.


Position the fabric behind you so that it is perpendicular to your body. Take the corners at the opposite ends of the garment and wrap them from back to front, underneath your arms. Reposition and fluff up the pareo ends to fall nicely.

Images and text, courtesy of Chico's


July 4th Style

Check out this look from
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The Heat is On... However, Courtesy of Walmart, we can stand it!

Texas heat is like no other.
In my opinion, there is always a search on for cool, chic,classic wardrobe pieces.
Ta Da! take a look at what I have discovered for summer 2020.
I found these beauties at Walmart Online.
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